Shri R.N. College , Salasar

In market oriented and interdependent world we need future generation with passion for innovation and ability to work in a global environment. Shri R.N.Educational Hub aims as imparting quality education in the field of Art, Commerce, Science, ITI, RKCL and equips young with Knowledge, Skills and attitudes which would help them make meaningful contribution in their chosen field. I look forward to welcome you to R.N. to experiencer the culturally rich and academically stimulating environment that has been created to guide, support and nurture a satisfying and rewarding life. ;


(Dr.Chitra Indoria)
College appointed separate security agency & housekeeping agency for these purpose to provide the best for students. In our College We have all Latest Infrastructure Facilities.
Campus :-

The R.N. campus is situated on Sikar, Sujangarh by pass Road,Salasar .   It is a peaceful & friendly place nestled amidst Nature.  The college comprises of four wings, which house the four faculties of Humanities, the Social Sciences, Commerce,  Fine Arts &. The campus sports a beautiful blend of modern & traditional architecture.

Library: :-

The Library, housed in a block measuring approximately 13,000sq.ft., has an excellent collection of text books, national journals and a large number of daily newspapers. Fully internet-enabled, it is also equipped with an audio-visual media library. The students can search the title of books and journals themselves from the computer for their use. Now they can check whether the book is in the library or it is issued to someone. In addition to that if the book is available they can know where it  is placed, and if it is issued, they can know the due date on which it is likely to be returned in library. For the smooth operation of library work a software designed and developed by INFLIBNET centre, Ahamdabaad is installed. Earlier students used to search the books themselves which was time consuming. They even did not know whether the book is in library or it is issued. Therefore they had to consult the librarian every time. But as soon as we installed two computers with internet connection and the needed data, they started using this facility for the ease both if librarian and their own sake.    

Home Science Lab :-

There is a separate Home Science block with a well-equipped lab fitted with the full range of modern appliances.There is a separate Home Science block with a well-equipped lab fitted with the full range of modern appliances.

Shri RN-Sabhagar
Shri RN Auditorium:- There is a highly sophisticated auditorium, named ShriRN Sabhagar, which can accommodate almost 1500 students for organizing College functions. It is a multi-utility hall and provides platform for organizing various activities even at national level.
Administrative block:- It houses the Office of the college . A separate area is provided for visitors where they can meet students and the college authorities. Facilities of post office and a bank counter are also housed in this block.
Computer Lab:- Computer facilities for students include labs equipped with computers & other accessories. The computers in the lab are connected to library server to explore information resources available there. Internet facilities for students also exist. Internet facility with wi-fi connectivity is also exists.
Hostel :- A large, well ventilated, pollution free hostel building is erected. It can accommodate 70 students. Hostlers are provided with the facilities of water-cooler with aqua-guard and gas geezer for hot water in winter season. We provide round the clock security system to our boarders besides giving the dedicated service of responsible and amiable warden.
Mess:- Realising the importance of health & keeping in view “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, the college provides mess facility for our hostlers where they can get best quality of homely & nutritious food prepared by skilled cooks. A huge dining hall with a modern kitchen has been provided just near the Hostel block. Almost 50 students can have their meal at a time.
Residential Block:- Residential accommodation for senior staff has been provided with the campus, since presence of senior staff in the campus provides extra security. Besides, residential facility is also provided to the teachers in the hostel itself. It helps in creating learning atmosphere & discipline among the boarders as our teacher personally pay attention to the hostel activities.
Guest House:- A good, neat & clean guest house, with full amenities exists in the college. Water-Conservation:- For rain water collection and storage a huge water reservoir has been constructed.
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